The post-COVID-19 world has changed everything— how we conduct business, protect our families, and return to work. Keeping friends, family, coworkers, and visitors in public spaces safe from COVID-19 is one of the most important things a business can do. 

PathogenDX, a team of molecular scientists dedicated to delivering testing protocols to keep us safe from unseen threats, developed the Envirox-RV test for detecting COVID-19 via bioaerosol and surface swab collection technology. 

PathogenDX and SADA Group developed a protocol for testing in businesses, casinos, churches, cruise ships, gyms, prisons, and more. 

The duo needed a solution awareness video that detailed the companies’ dedication to Environmental Testing and Monitoring.

The Atomic team interviewed Nathan Libbey, the PathogenDX Director of Sales, Central & Northeast, and SADA Group’s President & Co-Founder Matt Ybarra to discuss the solution then shot B-roll around a local facility. 

Atomic engineers and graphics pros brought the piece to life, creating a two-minute corporate video for marketing and communications campaigns.



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