Necessity is the mother of invention, said some smart person long ago. Atomic Productions brought that bon mot to life for a shoot for our friends at DocuSign and a client story video featuring Fraser Hill from Shell.

Mr. Hill, thanks to his role as General Manager of Digital Solutions & Process Innovation, is a knowledgeable source to speak on how DocuSign helps Shell sign and close deals more quickly and efficiently. 

The original plan was to interview Mr. Hill at many of London’s most famous locations, but permits and permissions got in our way. So, we put our heads together with our London production partner Pete Waite at Ginger Whippet Films and came up with the idea to have Mr. Hill tell his story while driving around town in an iconic London taxi. 

Our team rigged the taxi with a handful of cameras and microphones, outfitted a chase car, and set out to catch as much footage as possible, with London as a beautiful backdrop.

As you can imagine, the challenges of getting clean audio and video were slightly daunting. The pre-production work ensured that we returned to the States with footage easier to use during the post-production process.



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