Honey’s Air & Solar.

Honey’s Air & Solar is a legacy business based in Modesto with a 50-year history of helping folks in the Central Valley. The company prides itself on doing business differently with a No Stinger Promise based on its honey bee logo.The company came to Atomic Productions looking to create a handful of commercials that turned their logo bee into a 3D talking character. Atomic artists created a 3D model of the company’s honey bee character named Nate. There were some challenges when it came to integrating live action environments onto the 3D model. Adding reflections into Nate’s sunglasses, for instance. Initial design work has begun on a new character named Polly for the next round of spots.


Honey's Air & Solar


Honey’s- 3D was done in Blender, the reflections were captured using a Ricoh Theta digital 360 camera.  The spots were shot on the Red Digital Cinema camera.

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