Deloitte is a global professional services firm with offices all over the world. For several years, Atomic Productions has worked with the company’s Leadership Development team to produce video assets for their programs. We’ve covered a wide array of topics, including storytelling, team building, career development, and client engagement. Each production has been unique, challenging, and exhilarating. Recently, we were asked to shoot a documentary-style video featuring a Deloitte professional interviewing an expert in a particular field. We shot in a handful of locations, including at Deloitte University in Dallas, TX. It was the first time anyone had shot video at the company’s “Barn” building. It was indeed a beautiful location, but since it was facing east, we had to construct a massive 60-foot tall silk scrim to manage the light from the rising sun. Another shoot was at the Golden State Warriors practice facility in Oakland, CA. The interview with Warriors’ Head Coach Steve Kerr took place on a balcony that overlooks the team’s practice facility. In San Francisco, we found a rooftop location that afforded views of three Bay Area bridges. Without the benefit of natural shade, we had to erect a 20’X20’ silk that threatened to blow away at a moment’s notice. “Deloitte had shot in fairly safe locations before,” says Atomic producer Matt Ruby. “We wanted to raise the bar and shoot outside in beautiful locations. To their credit, they were open to it.” Because the interviews are unscripted, Atomic editors work closely with Deloitte’s team to help craft the narrative of each video.


Deloitte Leadership Development Team


Our team produced several videos for Deloitte, including "The Art of Storytelling," "The Art of Engagement," "The Art of Team Building," and "The Art of Career Development."

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