Contra Costa Transportation Authority.

Having the right partners for any project can make all the difference in the world. CCTA is a client of Convey, an integrated marketing and communications leader in the Bay Area. They were the perfect partner to help develop a creative concept of bringing the world of Contra Costa County transportation to life. Creating a dynamic animation illustrating different modes of transport in a slice-of-life setting was an interesting opportunity. It allowed the animator to create a world with people and vehicles that told multiple stories, and even developed the personalities of the individual characters involved. An animation like this keeps the creative fresh. Even after repeated viewing you discover new scenes and nuances each time you watch it. Motion graphics make for great storytelling, and this particular style helped CCTA rise above the clutter of traditional advertising and gave them a unique look across their entire marketing campaign..


Contra Costa Transportation Authority


Bringing this public hearing to the people during a pandemic was a test of Atomic's IT and equipment infrastructure. The technology, and our people, passed with flying colors.

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