River Rock Casino.

Our partnership with River Rock Casino goes back to 2007.  It’s been a great relationship over the years that’s produced some quality advertising.  And after all these years they remain one of our favorite clients.  In the early days when River Rock would hold a Car & Cash Giveaway of some kind, we’d be able to get footage of the cars, shooting them driving around wine country or just parked out in front of a winery for a beauty shot. These days the cars aren’t available to us until the promotion begins.  Since there’s no time to shoot the vehicles, we came up with the next best thing.  3D animation.  In the digital world, the cars are ready for anything we can dream up.  In the latest branding spot for River Rock, we even re-created the casino in 3D so the camera moves are no longer bound by the laws of physics.

River Rock is a great partner, and the world of digital-make-believe allows us to avoid the logistical problems of both shooting in a casino that never closes and producing car giveaway promotions without even having the cars they’re giving away.  It’s a win-win for everyone (except the animator.)


River Rock Casino


Atomic uses both Blender and Cinema 4D to animate the cars. Casino fixtures are built from scratch in Blender, and the compositing is done in Adobe After Effects while finishing in the Autodesk Flame.

Atomic Productions is a full service film production company driven by customer service and creativity. Oh, and we watch Jeopardy during lunch.

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