MLM Home Improvement

At a certain point during the COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners got sick of their homes. They wanted to see something new, which was great for home improvement centers and contractors like MLM Home Improvement based in Rockville, Maryland. 

MLM pinged Mneumonic to produce a broadcast commercial to help introduce the company to potential customers and get the phone to ring. Mnemonic, in turn, called on Atomic Productions. 

During the pre-production part of the process, it became clear that MLM’s management team wanted to stand out from the competition. The team imagined Ralph, a new MLM mascot, that could be integral to the company’s ongoing marketing efforts. 

Atomic’s Matt Zinn finalized the Ralph design and pulled together 3D animation concepts for the final spot. At the same time, Atomic’s Executive Producer Danny Angotti drew detailed storyboards to show the idea and ease the production dates.

Atomic’s Executive Producer Danny Angotti, Red Camera Operator Max King, and Editor Johnny Small flew to Maryland to shoot the scenes. The footage returned to Atomic’s Emeryville facility and was edited for broadcast across Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.


MLM Home Improvement

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