It’s a lot of hard work to tell a story simply. That’s doubly true when it comes to producing captivating video assets for social media campaigns. Not impossible, mind you — hard work.

At the same time, hard work is made easier with preparation. 

Getting the shots used in Fanzia’s “Franz for Life” social campaign was just another day for the Atomic crew. Taking a second to ensure those assets were correctly framed to be used in 16:9, square, and 9:16 aspect ratios took some thinking.

Take a second to slowly read this quote from Atomic’s Production Manager Lucy Nazareno. “We shot this video in three different sizes, three different ways.” Got it? “We had to reframe each shoot to make sure everything the client wanted to be seen was seen.” That helps, right?

Long story short: it’s the same story shot three different ways for three different applications. Who said social wasn’t fun?



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