There’s just about nothing better than the old hidden camera trick, especially when the gimmick connects fans with legendary athletes. 

Microsoft and the National Football League teamed up to highlight its partnership by leveraging Microsoft’s Teams communications platform. When it came time to show off the San Francisco 49ers, the pick was easy — ask Jerry Rice, one of the league’s most successful wide receivers in history, to surprise fans at the team’s Museum at Levi’s® Stadium by answering a call via Teams. 

Atomic crew staged a room in the 49ers Museum with a London-style phone booth outfitted with GoPro cameras and a tablet connected to Teams. 

When a fan walked by the phone booth, the tablet started to ring, prompting that person to walk into the booth. When they hit the answer button, Jerry Rice appeared on screen to surprise the fan. Once the conversation wrapped up, the fan met Mr. Rice and received a gift bag from the 49ers.

Once the video assets were back at Atomic headquarters, we edited the footage into a corporate video and video for social media posts.



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