Evergood Sausage.

Evergood Fine Foods is a longtime sponsor of the San Francisco Giants, and the company runs its advertising during the baseball season, which makes perfect sense considering summer is prime BBQ time. When Evergood signed on to advertise with the Oakland Raiders in 2017, the company needed a new idea. Atomic Productions offered the idea that every season is grilling season and the tagline “Anytime. Evergood.” The company bit. (Haha. Get it?) The concept was to show a single backyard location during several different seasons, each with their comedic setting: rain, snow wind, plus the hot summer sun and the dark of night. The script was cheeky, paying tribute to both the Postman’s Creed and “The Autumn Wind,” which is played before every Raiders home game. Because we didn’t have the luxury to wait on all of the seasons, we shot all of the action in a single day and then added the “seasons” in post. It was a complicated, effects-heavy production that the client can use in any season.


Evergood Sausage


Shot in 6K on Atomic’s Red Dragon digital camera, special effects included using a snow machine, rolls of cotton, potato flakes, and synthetic snow. Editing and all visual effects and compositing were performed at Atomic using After Effects and the Autodesk Smoke system.

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