vfx & motion graphics.

Even the most interesting piece of video needs a little something-something to capture and keep someone's attention. The trick is finding the balance between adding to the message or becoming a distraction. When it comes to motion graphics, our philosophy is to look for places to add energy, whether it's a 30-second ad or a 60-minute corporate presentation. Visual FX is one of the most important tools that a video production company like ours has to add ambiance, fix shots, or change a perspective to tell a better story. Over the years, our editors have removed a beard from an NBA player (who forgot that he was supposed to be clean-shaven), removed another company's branding for a Bud Light spot, and changed the seasons for a commercial.

Atomic Productions is a full service film production company driven by customer service and creativity. Oh, and we watch Jeopardy during lunch.

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