Bud Light.

Bud Light and the National Football League teamed up to support African-American-owned businesses during the 2021 season, asking advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy to produce ads showing during Thursday Night Football games. Each spot would feature a business in the home team’s town, so planning kicked off when the San Francisco 49ers made the schedule. Vegan Hood Chefs, an amazingly talented group, made the cut. W+K worked with a local documentary crew, and Atomic Productions delivered the edit. In addition to the standard editing work to create a great spot, Atomic’s Senior Digital Artist, John Oczkowski, provided over a dozen visual effects to the footage,  removing brand names from kitchen tools and equipment, to painting out clothing logos, mask designs, and overall image clean-up.  Plus, Atomic did the music mix and sound design in post-production.


Bud Light

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